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Smooth & Lightweight

Tovegan's Green Glow-up Cream is formulated with a unique formula called the "Serum in Cream" blend. This blend allows the skin to retain moisture from natural ingredients such as Avocado oil and Centella Asiatic extract all without clogging the pores.

Dual-Purpose Capsules

Quick Absorbing non-sticking liquid essence that includes two types of fresh oil capsules: Orange and Red. The Orange capsules include: Haematococcus Pluvialis Oil (Red algae). The Red capsules include: Moringa Seed Oil, Neem Leaf Extract, and Eclipta extract.

Full of Wholesome Seeds

Tovegan's White Wholesome Cleansing Balm includes skin-friendly ingredients such as Lavender oil and Almond Oil. At first glance, the solidified balm is nothing special but the moment you scoop out the balm into your hands, it immediately turns liquid-oil form to maximize pore penetration.

Well-made sensitive skincare

I have sensitive and acne prone skin. I got this product because I use active ingredients in my skincare and I didn’t want to clash Active ingredients in a toner with my serum’s.

Cream de la Creme!

I absolutely love this stuff. I've bought two bottles so far and I'll continue to purchase this. It's moisturizing and light weight, this is perfect to wear under makeup and it's very nourishing.


Our mission for Tovegan is to show the world how easy and simple it is to concentrate the raw botanical energy found on earth and provide a way for every one of us a way to be vegan, every day.


Is Tovegan good for Sensitive Skin Types?

Yes! Our Skincare line is a nutrient-rich vegan skincare line rooted in the organic colors and beauty of nature. Most of our ingredients include natural soothing properties such as Centella Asiastica & Green Tea.

What Does Don De Dieu Mean?

Our Motto:"Don De Dieu" means the "Gift of God"in French.
This phrase presents our passion of protecting and loving the earth by being clean and vegan. Tovegan is created to protect the very beauty of nature - our gift from God.

How Does the Donation Work?

Tovegan will be donating $1 per product purchased for the next 2022 year to International NGOs: "better world" and "MMCA." Both international organizations focus on the betterment of people living in Togo, Nepal, & Indonesia by providing powered milk, medical services and much more.