Brand Story

Color Food Series

What is Tovegan?

Tovegan is 100% a vegan skincare brand. We've eliminated unnecessary animal testing and harmful ingredients and replaced it with formulas blended from raw ingredients obtained from nature. Perfecting vegan and clean beauty all at once.

Color Food Series: Antioxidant Line

Phytochemicals are powerful chemical compounds that are produced by plants. They are found in fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, and other plants. Phytochemicals give foods their vibrant colors and the nutrients that make them beneficial to eat, drink, and apply as skincare.

COLORFOOD SERIES: Antioxidant Skincare line that focuses on the power of phytochemicals of fruits and vegetables


Strong antioxidant properties that help support skin
cell regeneration and prevent skin discoloration,texture changes,fine
lines, and wrinkles.


A vitamin C boosting plant chemical that contains anti-aging and brightening properties that also stimulate collagen and elasticity.


Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are known to help reduce acne, additional detoxification, and skin cell regeneration properties included.


Known as a natural sun protectant,
"anthocyanin" includes anti-bacterial properties that help smooth wrinkles, reduce age spots, and help maintain skin moisture.

Best Cleansing Balm Ever!

This is the BEST cleanser I have ever used. I replaced my makeup wipes with this and my skin has improved so much!! Great for sensitive skin, rinses completely with NO residue! Doesn’t dry out your skin. My dermatologist asked me what I was using because my skin had improved so much since my last visit.

64 year old skin is better than over

After getting the Orange Oasis serum I now use all of the Tovegan's color food line. My skin has never looked better. I was buying some mascara at Nordstrom’s and she told me I had beautiful skin. This 64 yr old is happy!.

Love the Remedy Toner!

This stuff is freaking amazing!! I had a lot of redness and breakouts on my chin and a few on my forehead. It truly just cleared them all up!